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28 set 2021

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Memorigi is a useful time management and optimization app that lets you keep track of all your daily tasks and commitments. Plus, it also gives you the possibility to plan for the long term. And it's all done through an elegant, intuitive and functional interface.

From the main tab in Memorigi, you can add a task or a habit with just a tap on the screen. When you add a new task, you can write a title for it, add as many notes as you want, set a specific date and a time, and instantly associate it with one of your categories and assign it a color and an icon.

Furthermore, if you tap on the Memorigi icon, you'll see all the different types of tasks that you may be interested in: books you want to read, personal growth, ideas, work, health, etc. This way, you can organize your professional life, and also create healthy habits that allow you to grow on a personal level. Plus, the app lets you see your progress according to the tasks you've completed, so you feel the satisfaction that comes with a job well done.

Memorigi is an outstanding app that can help you stay on track throughout your day. And best of all, you can do so with style, thanks to its attractive interface that makes it easy to find anything of any importance.
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28 set 2021
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